How to Tell if Your Commercial Roof Will Prevent Leaks

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When you’ve got large buildings, leaks can be a big concern!

But when you have an EPDM roof, how can you tell whether the roof will leak or not?

Here are some things to look for that will help determine whether your roof will “weather the storm”.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to prevent major leaks from your commercial roof is by scheduling regular inspections and cleanings on a semi-annual basis. It’s also important that you perform necessary maintenance as soon as possible. When damage is caught early, it is easier and less expensive to repair.

If you’ve had severe weather in the area and suspect wind damage or direct physical damage from debris,schedule an inspection to inspect your roof for any storm damage. It’s important to repair any leak, big or small, to avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Though EPDM roofs use an amazingly durable roofing membrane, however, you might still find problems from high winds. Addressing these areas problems before they fail will go a long way towards maintaining your roof’s integrity.

But, what about minor leaks? While inspecting your roof, take a close look where protrusions come through to see whether the sealant is still intact. If the membrane has shrunk somewhat or seams have opened up; careful inspection of these areas will also help reveal leaks.

Schedule a Thermal Moisture Scan

Another option for finding leaks before they become problem is by having a thermal moisture scan performed on your building. Using an infrared laser, the roof is scanned thoroughly.

Much like using an infrared camera for a home inspection to detect heating and cooling loss, the infrared lasercamera shows the temperature difference which indicates a wet area that requires further investigation.

Your commercial roof will provide years of reliable service, but only if it’s properly inspected and maintained.Schedule an inspection to prolong the life of your roof.


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