4 Roof Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

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As a property manager, you have your hands full. Whether the properties you handle are commercial or residential, maintenance is a never-ending job. Keeping up with roof maintenance does not have to be difficult.

Follow these tips and reduce your bigger repair costs.

1. Keep the Roof Clear

Heavy ice and snow in the winter can be damaging. Have a professional remove snow build up to keep the excess weight off the roof.

2. Keep the Roof Clean

If you notice mossy build up or grass growing on your roof, have a professional come out to inspect the roof and clean it. Grass will form roots that can grow into the roof causing leaks.

Maintenance also includes keeping pests from creating new homes on your roof. Seal any entries that entice squirrels, raccoons or other creatures to reduce the potential for damage.

3. Keep the Trees Away

Keep trees trimmed away from roofs as much as possible. Falling branches will cause damage, but even limbs that consistently brush the roof in the wind will wear it down. This type of roof maintenance includes keeping the gutters clear of debris. If you allow debris to clog gutters, rain will not drain properly, it will overflow the gutters and drain against the house causing  basements leaks.

If you notice ice dams and heavy icicles hanging from gutters, call a professional. This condition, if left unattended, could cause water to enter the house.

4. Have the Roof Inspected

Once or twice yearly inspections are your best choice for good roof maintenance. When damage is caught early, it is easier and less expensive to repair. It also reduces the chance of leaks, which can damage the interior of the building.

During the roof inspection, your roof will be inspected for any deterioration and repaired. Getting potential problems fixed before they develop into major problems will save unnecessary repair cost .

The last part of your roof maintenance plan is keeping the contact number for your contractor available. If you ever have problems, you can get things repaired quickly.


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