Mamone Residence


Lavallette, NJ

Price of Job:


Existing Condition:

The upper roof deck and front bay windows were leaking for many years and no one could find the source of the problem. The roof deck was a fiberglass roof and the siding on the house was vinyl.

Size of Roof:

225 square feet

Scope of Work:

  • The existing fiberglass roof on the upper deck needed to be removed and a new Global Decking PVC roof was installed
  • All of the vinyl sidings around the upper deck and across the entire front of the house were removed
  • The damaged sheathing was replaced, weather stripping was installed around each bay window and new Tyvek and vinyl siding were installed as well


Golden Pledge Warranty. Lifetime on the roofing system and 25 year labor and workmanship warranty.

Type of Home:



May 2015

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